Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knee update day 4

I'm feeling much better than my 1st day out of surgery, but man oh man this is NOT a walk in the park. 

I'm on a constant stream of medications to help with the pain and am currently doing 6 hours a day of physical therapy on a CPM machine. The CPM bends my knee for me and the goal is the bend at 60 degrees by the end of 2 weeks. Today I managed 60 degrees for about an hour so I'd say that's pretty good. 

Tomorrow I get my first visits from the Visiting Nurse Service and from a physical therapist. I'll keep you posted on how those visits go! 

And now for the gross part... If you're squeamish don't scroll any further... Here are pics of my knee and calf. 

My knee in the CPM machine

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