Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blend or Juice?!?

I've been juicing/bending for about 3 years now and love it. It would be even better if I didn't have an addictive personality and was able to change my recipes before I got sick of them. However, even with my lack of variation I still enjoy a good juice or smoothie. 

For juicing one of my favorites is just plain 'ol carrot juice. Carrot juice is so good and so sweet, its the perfect treat. The downside: If you tell a fitness buff you're drinking carrot juice they'll tell at you and tell you it's too high in sugar. If you don't mind, drink ahead. Be warned: if you drink too much, you'll turn orange. (That might be an option if you need a tan)

With juicing you can pretty much throw anything in that juice and it'll taste great. Kale, arugula, orange, carrot, apple, pear.... I've even juiced watermelon and froze the juice to make ice pops. Gosh they were great!!! Get crazy and add anything in your veggie drawers to your juicer... If you get scared just add some apples to sweeten it up and I promise you'll love it. 

Now for blending! My brother in law J surprised us with a nutribullet for our wedding. (Thanks J for your love of infomercials) My husband and I didn't expect much but I can definitely say that our nutribullet has been the best gift we've received. (In terms of health, the whotel bed and kitchen aid mixer were pretty sweet too)

I like to mix some greens (think spring mix and baby kale) with fresh or frozen berries (some will say that fresh is better for nutrients but I like frozen so that it's a smoothie) with coconut milk and seeds. I'm allergic to nuts so I've needed to make my own nut mix. I use raw sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and flax seed to add to the smoothie. You can get super creative with your mixes and although I'm not paid for this, I love the nutribullet because I can blend and hit the road. 

Either option is a great way to get your nutrients quickly and you can then post a picture to Instagram and brag about being on #teamhealthy ;) 



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