Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'm home after a major fiasco with pain Meds and pharmacy closings.

I was scheduled to be discharged at 2:30pm, which coincided with the exact time my pain Meds were due. Perfect timing: some Meds to get me through the car ride and smooth sailing from there. 

I was ready to roll. Ruben, my mother-in-law Chris, and Rey (happy birthday) were there to help me pack my belonging and hit the road. Uncle Terry even offered to be the chauffeur. To add even more complexity to the perfect plan, we were also acting as a distraction for Rey, whose girlfriend Sarah planned a wonderful surprise party to begin at the same time I was released. The plan was to have Rey help me out the hospital, then show up and SURPRISE! 

You can already imagine that plan was too good to be true. While I was ready to go, the 1st year resident wrote out my prescription with the wrong dose. Once that was done, we needed another senior level MD to rewrite the Rx. When we got the proper Rx we needed to find a pharmacy that was still open on Labor Day weekend that had this specific dosage available. All in all, I was released a few hours later and that's it. I'm home with the proper Meds and my chihuahua by my side. 

It feels nice to be in my bed and begin the long healing journey. 

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